Since 1969 Calzificio Bellafonte has been working in the textile industry field producing high quality socks and tights. Over the years, the company experienced a constant development and  activity gradually evolved, shifting from the old  to the new generation. The new generation led by the experience and professionality transmitted to it, invests in an advanced technological edge supported by a rigorous production control system. 

Presently, the company continues to invest in research and development supported by hightly specialized technicians. The changing needs of market in recent years have led to diversify the offert of new products,which now covers men's and women's underwear and a few special items. In order to guarantee a more timely response, the company organised a  stock service on a good range of articles to enable a quick and always reliable service to always allow an immediate availability  accordingly to the most varied requirements.

Bellafonte, a certified service:

The Management of Calzificio Bellafonte Srl is committed to guarantee high quality standards towards its customers.
Calzificio Bellafonte Srl considers investments in new technologies essential for a continuous improvement, research and development with the use of new innovative yarns and the adoption of cutting-edge machinery.

Calzificio Bellafonte Srl also continues to promote the commitment aimed at:
• minimization of waste;
• involvement of all stakeholders in the development of products and services;
• definition of high quality standards in order to provide customers  products that meet their expectations;
• effective and efficient management of company processes;
• attention to the new needs of the market and stakeholders to keep the offer in line with the demand;
• continuous satisfaction of Customers and stakeholders, maintaining an effective communication system with the customer, the community and all staff;
• continuous improvement.

A reliable partner to achieve success

The company wa founded in 1969 by Sergio Bertasi.
Today, it is managed with success by his 3 sons: Vittorio, Ivano and Luciano.
Productive capacity: 10 milion pairs a year.

Mission of Bertasi family

The mission of Bertasi family was to create a tight-knit network aiming to build a slow but continuous growth.
The company's priority is to grow together with selected partners over the years.
To achieve this requirement Bellafonte's staff worked and daily works to develop high quality products and services.

Important Choices

Choices, often with countertrend strategies, which allow today to offer a serious, safeand timely marketing of an exclusive product of the highest level.

Many important Partnerships

Markets where we have been working